This picture captures the essence of excellence in a home that has won multiple awards for design and workmanship. From the ground up we see lternating bands of hand-chiseled blocks delineated by the precision of complementary milled limestone. A large string course of stone caps the massing at the top of the wall. A band of spandrel glass gives the roof a magical floating appearance.

The eave edge of the roof is artfully detailed with embossed copper panels. This draws the eye to the hand-fabricated copper roofing veneer that was asterfully designed and installed revealing precise stepping. The short ladder-like element that is a few feet above the roof eave slices the winter snow that may fall from its smooth surface.

Rarely understood, but always essential in any great architectural structure, the work below and beneath the visible veneers are of equal caliber. Great work is a layering effort. A perfect frosting job does not mask a sagging cake. What we don't see here is the vital work of many subcontractors: the excavator, foundation contractor, and rough framer - who are all among the finest in their business. The creation of such exact, accurate details requires the combined effort of various trades educated in exquisite construction.