This photograph, taken from the foyer looking into the breakfast room beyond, captures many of the elements that make the architect of this home exceptional. The broader view reveals the symmetry, scale and proportion of the space. From the most refined details in the hardware to the trim moldings casing each door, nothing is left to chance; every component is perfectly resolved.

Starting in the background, your eye is immediately drawn to the soft yellow hue in the stair hall beyond. The sage green walls frame the yellow backdrop for the chandelier painted on its canvas. The 200-year-old beams, which carry the soft white ceiling, were salvaged from a barn in Pennsylvania. Their rustic quality identifies the casual character of this space. As your gaze exits this room through the heavy mahogany and leaded glass doors, notice the change of ceilings. Another beautiful architectural light fixture and a paneled head jamb above the doors signify an entrance into a more formal space. This sequencing of varying ceiling details from informal to formal is intriguingly interesting and enchantingly rhythmic. We sense that we can close the beautiful leaded glass mahogany doors to separate the formal and the informal spaces, but we know we never will. Some details, such as these doors, are integrated only to satisfy an architectural need.