Please have a seat on the comfortable period wicker rocker, enjoy a glass of fresh lemon tea, and feel the warm summer breeze in this remarkable screened porch. As you look above the v-grooved porch ceiling, notice the conservatory glass roof which was designed, assembled, and shipped from a 150-year-old company in London, England. Proper integration of the two structures, the classic American porch and the classic English conservatory, required painstaking care by the local architect. Notice the weightedness the architect built into the band of structure that cuts through the flat porch ceiling. This element is both visually pleasing and structurally necessary, giving proper proportion to the walls holding the roof glass above. Imagine the views so beautifully framed both day and night.

This porch has all of the charm and function reminiscent of years gone by, but with practicality of use for the modern homeowner. The copper-screened stile-and-rail panels have been meticulously designed and artfully assembled to be removable for winter storage. Concealed fasteners and tracks leave little evidence of this practicality to the casual observer, as is typical in all highly executed and well-thought-out workmanship. The most appropriate furnishings sit on a mortar set bluestone flooring, anchoring this delicate, but magnificent, space.