Homeowners today often desire a luxury home in the contemporary style. However, few realize the extraordinary precision required by the design and workmanship. Complexity is built into the simplicity of the line and look.

In this living area we see a strong contrast in materials and tones. The two-sided white marble and plaster fireplace delicately divides the living and dining spaces, while blending harmoniously with the surrounding walls and ceiling. The 2-1/4" rift oak flooring presents a neutral palette that will not compete with the fine furnishings it will receive. The anegre and black lacquered cabinetry acts as a visual foundation for the precisely detailed columns that support the hall soffit and roof above. Perfection is required in such cabinetry, for even the tiniest flaw in the finish will catch the eye and disrupt the line of the piece. Despite the apparent simplicity of such spaces, the level of craftsmanship requires the most talented trades.

This beautiful architecture is highlighted by the glowing natural light filling this space. The indirect natural light common to all finely designed contemporary structures enters through skylights and transom windows. The natural lighting continuously changes the highlights and, subsequently, the moods and beauty of the spaces so artfully designed by a great architect.