The architect of this home now has a view from above. He had great talent, love of architecture, and dedication to stretching design limits. These attributes, along with his genuine adherence to a budget and gift of relating to others, were no less than amazing.

This home was certainly one of his dreams. The client made only two requests: 1) design a home with curves, and 2) place it architecturally into the 21st century. "We are willing to live in your art." Since the home was to be sited on flat ground adjacent to a lake, the architect designed a home whimsically relative to a beached freighter. No one photograph can possibly capture the multiple recurring and imaginative elements within this home.

An all-white veneer both inside and outside means every element is delineated by form and not by color. The front elevation is curved glass block fading from clear to opaque, transitioning from public to private spaces. The rear elevation is a two-story sine curve glass wall easy to draw, but nearly impossible to build. The exterior showcases porthole windows, roof vents emulating smoke stacks, and forms identifying a ship's bow and stern.