As you stand at the front pair of doors waiting to enter, you notice the workmanship of hand-applied geometric trim implying the sense of style and decor of the home you are about to enter. As the door opens, you catch a glimpse of the illuminated stairway and the contemporary dome above. Beautiful exterior views unfold just beyond through the clear glass windows. On this picturesque site, your first view is both of the home and through the home. As with most great architecture, this home is sensitively integrated into the surrounding natural setting. A fine architect is intimately aware that the structure is an element of nature and not vice versa.

Complementing the fascinating views to the exterior, the interior of the home is equally intriguing. The white walls are set on a deep black-brown wood floor - a striking contrast. The stair rail is visibly light, but highly architectural and expertly fabricated. The architectural presence of the stair is diminished since the stair only goes down from this level. The architect makes up for this by embellishing the contemporary dome, skylight, and chandelier. Each well-defined element in this space creates a view reminiscent of looking into a kaleidoscope.