This photograph shows a view from the front hallway looking through the library-office then past a parallel space offering a wonderful view of the lake. After entering this room then looking back, the occupant recognizes the perfect balance established by mirrored casework on the entry wall. The African mahogany bookcases are purposely horizontal with immovable shelves maintaining a rhythm to the walls that will never be disturbed. A band of clear spandrel glass sits above the millwork, then vanishes into a channel set into the veneer plaster ceiling. The glass creates a sound barrier, but allows the ceiling to flow through uninterrupted to the adjacent rooms.

To create multiple additional effects, a sixteen-foot-diameter cylinder penetrates the roof then slices into the square ceiling, contrasting rigid lines with the beauty of a curve. A closer look reveals another band of spandrel glass which separates the higher floating ceiling from the thirty-inch band of white plaster below. As natural light changes from sunrise to sunset, the cylinder illuminates the room. In the evening and early morning, the light from adjacent spaces provides a moonlike glow in the space, never allowing the room to settle into complete darkness.